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About us




LOGISTICS & MATERIAL HANDLING Magazine started publication by University of Science & Technology Beijing in 1996. Since then, under the assistance from China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Vehicle Branch and Hong Kong Logistics Association, the magazine has formed close cooperation and partner relations with famous logistics enterprises, technology & equipment suppliers and other enterprises of many industries all over the world. It distributes both domestically and overseas with thousands of readers. The order price is RMB 20 yuan monthly.

The magazine, well-known logistics publication in China, is planned elaborately each month. With more than 120 colorful pages, the magazine covers plentifully, from focus report, technology & enterprises, case study, people, to latest information of the logistics industry.


Main Columns:

Focus Repert: On the latest development, hotspots and difficulties of the logistics industry.

Case Study: On classic examples in logistics engineering, operation and management.

Technology & Enterprise Update: Interview with enterprises on the development and application of logistics technology, equipment and system.

Authorrity Forum: Practical logistics technical articles written by experts and authorities.

Latest News: On new logistics industry development of policy, enterprises, technology and products, etc.

?Supervisor: Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

Organizer: University of Science & Technology Beijing

Co-organizers: China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

China Logistics Technology Association

China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Vehicle Branch

Editor-in-Chief: Wu Qingyi

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Wang Jixiang, Li Shoulin

Managing Editor: Jiang Hong

Editor: Zhao Jiaoyun, Tao Qian, Xi Chongbin, Ma Shuang

E-mail: bjb@edit56.com.cn
Advertising Department: Yan Zhonghou, Liu Haibo

E-mail: ad@edit56.com.cn

Marketing Department: Cui Jian, Xiao Li, Liu Sudan

Issue: Yu Xiaoping, Jiao Zhengping

Tel: 8610 – 82387518 ,82387519,82387517, 82387521, 62321113
Fax :8610 -82387520
Address: Room 416, Fang Xing Building, No. 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Postcode: 100083?

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